25 things you don't know about Justin Bieber

credit to US magazine

justin bieber say ...

1) i learned to play the drums at age 2

2) i'm claustrophobic , especially in a crowded elevator

3) i think beyonce is HOT *auww , i'm jealous (!) =..=

4) my favourite candy is Big Foots which are from canada

5) i love the ocean *me too JB XD

6) i'd rather travel by bus than airplane . i'm obsessed with my bus

7) i never remember to pack a toothbrush . at every hotel , i go to the front desk to get a new one

8) i try to visit a mall at every city while on tour

9) my favourite drink is at Tim Hortons ! they have the best blended drinks

10) the only sneakers i wear multiple times are the ones i wear on stage

11) i play 4 instruments, all self-taught

12) i love jet-skiing

13) i have two segways on tour , which i use to terrorize my crew . not really-i just use them to speed away at the venues

14) i wear my first tuxe this year to the White House Correspon-dent's dinner
15) i'm left-handed

16) my crew and i have water-chugging contests

17) step brothers is my favourite movie

18) skateboarding is my things

19) my crew and i have family board night on the tour bus every chance that we get

20) i have dog named sammy who lives in canada with my grandparens

21) nonbrand shampoo and conditioner at hotels is the best

22) i bet shaq at basketball

23) my favourite sandwich is tomato and mayo on wonder bread

24) i'm really into snowboarding

25) we play basketball backstage at my concert

TAKE NOTE : Bieber's memory , First step 2 forever : My story is out noww
btw , i really2 want the book . but for sure i can't get the book because the book is limited edition . so sadd (!) :'(

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