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hey buddy . happy school holiday everyone !!! wish you guys happy with your family . now i'm sitting infront of PC , alone , lonely and really boring . nahh my family went back to kampung . gila bosan duduk rumah sorang-sorang o.O

few days ago , someone post video at their wall . so di sebabkan time tu aku on9 guna hp so aku postpone tgk hari ni . and guess what ? ya Allah , seriously aku rasa terharu and damn JELLY . hah !!! mesti korang tengah curious video apa yang aku tgk kan ? hihi let's go . . . . i showww you but please take a tissue so you can wipe your tears , lol :')

soooooooo how ? JELLY right ? woahh , that girl is very lucky lah . after watch the video , aku apa laagi try la selidik hujung pangkal cerita . Maday (Mahathir)  from Singapore and her girlfriend from Sweden . yeah , i'm impressed even they separated with 5839 miles but they still keep in touch . OMG ? you can do like them ? tabik spring habis lah *wink wink*

then i find something interesting from Camilia's Tumblr .

saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing to do.
after spending two weeks with him, my brain has got a habit to be with him.
while we’re on the train for an hour, and there’s no seats, we hug each other for that time, helping each other not to fall.
walking hand in hand wherever we go.
how you hug me when we’re sleeping.
how you look deeply in to my eyes and just stare at me.
how you cried with me when we were saying goodbye.
i feel so empty now. like someone is missing.
i wake up, and you’re not here.
today i’m gonna experience my first time at the train, knowing that you’re not there to hug me.
i feel like breaking down wherever i am.
i remember when we were ice skating, and from no where they started playing the only exception. you took my hand, and i swear it felt like it was only you and me on the ice. we started singing together, and by the end of the song, we just looked in to each others eyes and sang to each other. then you hugged me around my waist, whispering “i love you” in my ear.

i just got a text from him, and luckily he got home safe.
i miss him already. i don’t know how i’ll be able to sleep alone tonight.
it has become a routine for me to kiss him goodnight, and stare at him when i wake up in the morning.
two more days to go till we’ll spend the absolutely last night together.
i’m not ready for this.. not yet.. not now..

auwwwwwwwwwwww , infinity 'W' . lol they look sweet together like 'bagai pinang di belah dua' . i pray for both of you . when you grow up , please get married . pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :')

suddenly i wonder , Maday are Muslim or not ? Danggggg , slapping myself  ^.^V

thanks visit my blog ! have a nice day people Y(^^)Y

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